Hello and welcome,

I'm Sally Bauer, a passionate photographer here along the scenic Oregon Coast, in Coos Bay. I travel all over the Pacific Northwest for my clients; celebrating with them and capturing their story so that they have memories to cherish forever.               

My goal, as a photographer, is to harness life's beauty with my camera. Every individual is a work of art. Regardless of shape or size, background or ethnicity, such variety is the glory and beauty of life. Then, when two individuals fall in love; choose to be engaged and marry, that beauty transcends to a whole new level of wow! I love capturing that "wow",  the beauty between two people, telling their story as a couple.

"A life lived in love will never be dull." ~ Leo Buscaglia

As much as I love engagements and weddings, family stories are beautiful and always fun to capture, along with high school senior portraits. I love the bond created with my clients, I love telling their story in way of timeless photographs.

My adventure into photography started with the birth of my first son in 1997. I was a typical mother who couldn't get enough pictures of her children and the family vacations we shared together. I thank my husband and friends who saw talent in my work, their support and encouragement made me the photographer I am today.  


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