About Me

About me, well, In a nutshell.... I am addicted to photography, art, old things, life, loving my family & friends. My Canon is always close by because I hate missing a perfect photo opportunity. My goal as a photographer is to capture life's beauty, create art, be original and true to my creative gut instinct.

My adventure into photography started with the birth of my first son in 1997. I was a typical mother who couldn't get enough pictures of her children and the family vacations we shared together. I thank my husband and friends who saw talent in my work, their support and encouragement made me the photographer I am today.

Every human is a work of art,  we come in all shapes and sizes, diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, such variety is the glory of life. Capturing an individuals unique beauty is important to me and gives my work a quality I am proud of.     

Photographing nature, whether it be a single flower, an autumn birch tree losing it's leaves, a sweeping beach, a majestic sunset, or a pelican sitting on a pier, that is my restful pastime. When photographing people, I try to incorporate the beauty around, making you a work of art with nature.                              

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